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Contact Congress - Talk to Your Representatives

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"There’s really no reason you shouldn’t grab this app at once...let your voice be heard!" -The Next Web

Find your representatives in Congress and talk with them, instantly.

"This app is the most important app on my phone." - App store review (5 stars)

"Why didnt this exist before..." - App store review (5 stars)

You should be able to communicate with your representatives at the push of a button. Contact Congress makes it as easy as possible for you to get in touch and be heard.

You can quickly:

★ Locate your representatives in both the House and Senate
★ Call their offices at the push of a button
★ Communicate via their Twitter and Facebook profiles
★ Encourage your friends to do the same

"Most Representatives are not as plugged into the net world as many of you are.

To be heard, you must speak, directly and either by phone or in person.

Tweets, emails, petitions are nice, but they dont get the same level of attention."
- Rep. Zoe Lofgren

You can also dress up your representative by purchasing one of our fun add-on costumes to support our efforts to bring you useful Congress communication tools for which we will NEVER charge.